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Cooking is not rocket science. At Cook Pass, we specialise in 1 on 1 home-based cooking classes which you can elevate your culinary skills in the comfort of your home. 

Founded by Chef Titus, hailing from a background of work experiences at multiple Michelin Star restaurants, he has specially curated the classes to enable students to learn and explore the science and fundamentals behind cooking. 

With a strong philosophy that every single ingredient has an important role to play in creating the flavours in each bite, he believes in the importance of food pairing and cooking techniques while using only fresh and sustainable ingredients to bring the best out of the dish.

With our vision to be Singapore’s leading 1 on 1 cooking class service provider, our mission is to empower you with the best practices of food pairing and cooking techniques so that you can create flavourful dishes cooked to perfection.

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